Caldesene Prevent & Treat Nappy Rash

Caldease30g OintmentZinc Oxide 15% w/w
Caldesene100g PowderCalcium undecylenate 10% w/w
Caldesene55g PowderCalcium undecylenate 10% w/w
Caldesene20g PowderCalcium undecylenate 10% w/w

Nappy Rash how and why

When a baby is wearing a wet nappy bacteria reacts with the urine on the nappy to form ammonia. If the nappy isn't changed quickly, the ammonia can "burn" your baby's delicate skin.

What does nappy rash look like?

Nappy rash is present when your baby's skin looks red and sore, and may be chapped or swollen in places. Nappy rash can make your baby feel uncomfortable and is common during teething and periods when your baby is feeling unwell. Nappy rash can affect all the delicate skin around your baby's bottom and inner thighs, and may be particularly bad in skin folds and creases.

Preventing nappy rash

Caldesene Powder is a baby powder that can actually protect your baby from nappy rash in several different ways.
Because it is medicated, it attacks harmful bacteria. It soothes skin irritation, which helps prevent rashes. Its special formulation also means that it forms a barrier against wetness on your baby's skin. With Caldesene Powder there is also no need to rub baby's irritated skin which might be painful.

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